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About Latlon
Latlon Technologies is a fast emerging Information Technology services and consulting company founded and run by experienced IT, management professionals supported by a team of qualified professionals. With offices at Coimbatore, Bangalore and London, we offer cutting-edge IT solutions, services and consulting services to our customers improving their business process, business outcome and customer satisfaction while reducing operational expenses.
Our key offerings include software development, website development, e-commerce portal development, Mobile application development, corporate videos making, graphic design, data conversion services, ePublication services, marketing and branding services.
We make every effort to provide a unique customer experience by proactively anticipating our customers’ needs, pain points and respond befittingly with IT solutions or business services that facilitate better outcome at every stage of their business.
To transform our customers into a newer, leaner and cannier business enterprises.

To provide cutting edge IT solutions and services to business enterprises of all sizes across industries that bring transformational changes in business execution, delivering better outcomes at every stage of business yet cost.
Our Values
We owe our customers a steadfast resolve to deliver solutions and services that are designed to fit their business needs, agile by design, deliver tangible business benefits and persistently supported.
Customer centricity:
We stand with our customers’ hand-in-hand in their business transformation orchestrated through improved business outcome and operational excellence adeptly supported by our cutting-edge technology solutions and services.
We continuously strive to innovate by leveraging our knowledge, skills and technology advancements to bring the best of technology and business expertise to our customers for a better outcomes.
with whom we built lasting business collaboration.
With whom we built lasting business collaboration.