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Latlon Technologies is an Information Technology services and consulting company committed to give its customers an experience that makes running businesses across different verticals simpler and easier. Customers prefer us because our cutting-edge technologies help them grow fast and make it easy to meet expectations. We strive to be near to our customers with offices in Coimbatore, Bangalore and London in the UK.

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What sets us apart from the mushroom like crowd in Information Technology business is our razor sharp understanding about the businesses we serve. Our services are wholesome, meaning that businesses can leverage our expertise in IT Outsourcing Services, Logo Designing, Branding services, Web Designing, Web Development, Digital Content Management, Website Design Services, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Services, Content Management System (CMS), E-Commerce Website Development, Digital Branding Solutions and Mobile Website Development.The very same functions we consider as critical for businesses.

The reason why we get repeat business from existing customers is sign enough of our competence. What drive our business are the enormous investments that we make in fine tuning our human talent. They are next to none when it comes to understanding customer needs and expectation, and all this is yours when you become our customer. More than anything else, you will simply appreciate the timeliness with which we deliver services without compromising on quality.

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    Our visions are lofty and our customers are at the core of our purpose. We envision an environment in which every business, big or small is able to leverage information technology to improve profitability and sustainability.

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    It is our avowed objective to ensure that businesses of any size, big or small, should get the benefits of leveraging information technology to reach out to its customers. We are committed to seeing this happen by ensuring that the most appropriate technology is delivered in quality and quantity.

Why Choose Us ?
  • For information technologies that are relevant
  • For quick deliveries without compromising on quality
  • For Timeliness and quick implementation
  • For our strategies that work
  • For the highly skilled workforce at our facilities

Our Values
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We are not just another run off the mill IT business. When we commit, we mean it and it includes accepting responsibilities to ensure that our customers succeed in their endeavours.

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For us, our customers are the purpose of our doing business. We measure our own success based on our customers’ achievements. We are not just another vendor – we consider our customers our partners in the path to success.

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Innovation is what drives us and we ensure that it has reached our customers early in their business cycle. You can count upon our innovation to take your business ahead of your competitors by leaps and bounds.

Happy Clients
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